What not to do when hiring for your small business

What not to do when hiring for your small business

The smaller your business, the costlier a bad hire can be.  As an entrepreneur or a start up business owner, you want to build your team at some point during your business journey, but at the same time you want to hire people that will make your business growth seamless.

The best way to avoid a dispute or at the very least letting someone down, is to follow a set of rules each time you set out to hire a staff member.

Here are 3 mistakes you may be making when hiring staff for your small business.

  1. Vague job title and description 

Make the job role clear from the get go. Never leave a prospective applicant guessing at any point, have a clear idea of the job you are looking to fill, the role you except them to take on.  Even if you are not totally sure, provide a good clear summary and ensure you include all key information such as location, salary and hours.

  1. You employ family or friends of your current employees

Whilst a family run business can be a good idea in some cases, it may not be for everyone.  Quick toilet breaks that turn into 45 minute catch up sessions, or family feuds continuing into the working week.  These things all add up to being an unproductive day. Instead, carry out an overall hiring policy first, that way you will not be favouring one employee over the other in the recruitment process.

  1. You ignore your gut instinct

If something doesn’t feel right, then you probably have a good judge of the outcome.  Equally if you spot a good fit a mile off, grab the opportunity while you can.  One of the biggest mistakes is taking too long to decide on an applicant, leaving a bad impression on your business.  Always weigh your impressions against the objective data.  If a second interview is warranted, let your experience and intuition make the best hiring decision you can.

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