Returnships: What to expect

Returnships: What to expect

This initiative was first practiced in 2008 and since then its popularity has increased. Many businesses are seeing the benefits of choosing a returnship over an internship.

Why is Returnship different?

Returnships consist of experienced people looking to get back into the workplace after taking a career break, but going back in at a level relevant to their background and qualifications – wanting to pick up from where they left off!
Students who carry out internship roles, are looking to gain experience and knowledge from the bottom and work their way up – that’s what they expect to achieve when going into an internship, so they can make sure they are choosing the right career path for them whilst building up their CV. With returnship candidates the story is very different. They already have the knowledge and experience under their belts, and are looking to continue that road to success. They have already chosen the right career choice for them and will inevitably have much more conviction in their decision-making and know-how by this point in their life.

Mums the Word

Many of those returning to work after long career breaks are women, with the main reason being to raise their children and be the homemaker.

An experienced working mum can bring a whole host of benefits to a business, that’s why (we believe) they make for the perfect candidate! Mums develop invaluable life skills when on a career break fulfilling their motherhood role – the learning never ends. Mums have to be fast learners, have excellent management skills and use their time wisely. Great at multitasking, they are able to think quick on their feet, be masters at problem solving, possess immaculate people skills and can adapt to the stickiest of situations – basically, a good all-rounder! Any mother will be the first to admit that with motherhood comes great power! But it also requires a whole lot of patience, understanding and pure dedication – and not forgetting being an absolute expert negotiator! Working mums easily meet the criteria for a model employer, but this is no surprise to us considering that all their skills automatically transfer into their working life too, making them a valued and committed member of staff.

Benefits of Returnship for Businesses

A returnship is usually a three month placement, so a company will have nothing to lose as it’s initially on a temporary basis. The company have the added advantage of making full use of an experienced enthusiastic member of staff, but with no obligation to employ them permanently thereafter. If the returnship candidates do secure a permanent placement, it can be beneficial to both parties.

Currently it is larger businesses who are supporting such schemes, but a small business will have lots to gain too, a working mum candidate can bring so much to the table that another person cannot. An investment such as returnship can help companies open up doors to other opportunities – allowing room for growth, expertise, knowledge and skills from an otherwise untapped market of working mumsAn investment such as returnship can help companies open up doors to other opportunities – allowing room for growth, expertise, knowledge and skill from an otherwise untapped market of working mums – willing to work hard and strive to succeed, with a renewed appreciation of the workplace – proving them to be a perfect placement for returnship as well as a permanent member of the workforce!

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