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How To Return To A Career That Is Right For You


Welcome to Simply Mums Email Course, a free 5 day email course on how to kick start your career if you are stuck on moving forward on finding a job that’s right for you. 


We have put together this simple five-part guide, emailed in daily instalments over five days, helping you to get your mojo back, kick start your career and give you the best possible chance of finding a job that works for you and your family. 


Simply Mums email course


The biggest mistake you can make when writing your CV is to fail to show your accomplishments and achievements and instead list a load of job descriptions and job titles hoping to win over a potential employer.


If you’ve been applying for job after job, wondering why the phone isn’t ringing or applying for any part time job that comes along, then we will show you how to stand out from the crowd and teach you how to Kick Start Your Career with our FREE 5 day email course.


Do you want to make 2018 the year you return to a job you’ll love?

What you will learn:

How to write an outstanding CV

How to access the best part time and flexible jobs

How to build your confidence

How to get work ready

Find out what employers really look for in a candidate returning to work after a career break


We have screened over 2,000 CV’s, interviewed hundreds of candidates and changed the lives of so many mums by placing them in jobs that fit around family life.


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Simply Mums helps parents back to work with part time and flexible jobs across London and the South East. We also help employers, connecting them with the right candidate.

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