How to mess up your CV without even trying

“We regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion.”

These are the words that are frequently used by employers that no job seeker wants to hear.

Sometimes we don’t realise how important our CV is to getting us that step closer to landing that job interview. Your CV acts as a marketing tool that represents you and the skills you can bring to a new company.

How do you ensure you are marketing yourself successfully in the best possible way?

We’ve put together 4 things you should never include on your CV that will help steer your CV away from the rejection pile.

1. Date of birth 

Adding your age or date of birth on your CV may have been the thing to do a decade ago but since recent age discrimination laws have been put into place, this is no longer required and only opens you up to age discrimination.


2. Marital status

Whether you are married, single, divorced or cohabiting this has no reflection on whether you can do the job or not and is never a basic requirement for any job type.


3. Home address 

This is clearly obviously not required, not only for security reasons but your actual door number along with street name makes you vulnerable to identity fraud.


4. Personal photo

This may be common practise in some European countries, but there is no need to include a recent photo. A photo takes up too much space on your CV and doesn’t add any real value.

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