Coffee mornings for mums

Our coffee morning was a huge hit

The Simply Mums team thought it was time to rally our wonderful hard-working mums together for a chance to meet in person and share one another’s stories about our own experiences when looking for the perfect work life balance.
We had a fantastic morning chatting to mums about their work expectations and how they could achieve this balance. Every mum we spoke to had a different story to tell, with some already achieving this. Past candidates shared their stories of how they managed to find their perfect work life balance. We found out from others what flexible working meant to them. Some felt they were ready to go straight into the workplace, but others lacked this confidence and instead needed advice on how best to approach the workforce again.

Our Simply Mums coffee morning was a great success, an opportunity for professional mums to socialise, learn from one another and find out about the latest flexible jobs available.

Here are our 5 top tips for a better work life balance

1. Socialise with other mums

Being a stay at home mum can sometimes make you feel isolated and just the thought of socialising can be an exhausting one. We want our mums to be able to have a balance in all aspects of their life. Staying connected to the outside world is a great way of networking, but also an opportunity to bounce off other mums, sharing stories and offering advice too. Surrounding yourself with likeminded mums will not only give you a new found confidence, but a great sense of wellbeing.

2. Find a hobby

Find an interest that you’re passionate about that you can do in your free time. Why not take up that hobby you did as a child, something you have been thinking about picking up again as an adult. Hobbies are a great way to provide a creative outlet that you might not get in your everyday life, A chance to switch off from your daily problems, make new friends and have fun too – a guilty pleasure if you like!

3. Invest in yourself

It’s important to invest time and energy in yourself, and it’s never too late to learn! Why not think about enrolling on a course to help keep motivated and develop your existing skills further. Investing time in yourself will ultimately benefit not just you, but those around you. So remember to celebrate and reward yourself too – you’re worth it!

4. Make good choices

Just by making good choices can empower your way of thinking and act as a guide to help you create your work, life balance. Finding a flexible job that suits you and your family can help to balance everything else out in your life too.

5. Know what works for you

Every mum is different and what works for one may not work for another. Find the best routine and job that works for you and your family. Flexible working options are the best way to explore this, and will help you to get the balance you need both in work and family life.

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