5 reasons to offer flexible working

What to do when staff can’t get into work

5 reasons to offer flexible working for your team

It could be the snow, the kids, the partner or the dog.  There could be 101 reasons why your staff can’t get into work but what does that mean for your business?

During the winter months we have the risk of snow causing havoc to public transport networks and sickies happening throughout the summer months when the weather is hotter. How do you prepare your business for the lack of people in the office?

Certain jobs will no doubt require the physical presence of a human being, we are hopefully a long way away from having a tooth extracted virtually.  However, today flexible working is rapidly becoming normality whilst more and more people are using it to their advantage.  When days like train strikes or bad weather conditions hit being able to work from home or work remotely can not only boost staff moral but also have a huge impact on work life balance.

A survey highlighted in Forbes showed four of the major reasons why remote workers were more happy and productive.

Vodafone’s unified communications is just one example of how working remotely as a team is entirely possible with the latest technology.

In a survey by Flexjobs, 84% or parents stated that the most important factor in a job is flexible working.

So what are the top 5 reasons to offer remote working or flexible working for your team?

  1. Remote workers are less stressed.  Commuting into work for some is the most stressful part of your day.
  2. People feel more empowered to work in a less stressful way and a way that works for them and their employer.
  3. Happy remote employees. Less stress inevitably leads to happy flexible working employees.
  4. Fewer absenteeism. According to ACAS You are not automatically entitled to be paid if you cannot get to work due to adverse weather conditions.
  5. Boosts productivity and can be a deal breaker when people consider accepting a job
  6. Increases staff moral and gives you the ability to attract top talent to your company.



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